Who is Proimmobilier ?

Who is Proimmobilier ?

PROIMMOBILIER  Votre agence  immobilière à Essaouira 

We are more than a real estate agency in order to meet the specificity of Essaouira in real estate matters.

A team broken for several years in this trade in Essaouira. Indeed, we have noted a real demand from our clients for a follow-up of the real estate transactions beyond the transactions of purchase, sale or hiring.

We are solicited to renovate the property, make extensions of house, new constructions, … Administrative, land title, cadastral plan, AVNA, residence permit, water connections, Electricity …

In fact be a single contact of good advice, professional, listening to follow all real estate transactions safely.

From now on, we will be able to fully respond to all of these requests, deal with real estate transactions, all follow-up and also fully exercise this property development activity.

Proimmobilier, a professional positioning in the field of real estate.

Proimmobilier.Agency  The real estate agency to deal with all your real estate transactions, buying, selling, renting.

Proimmobilier.ma  A website entirely dedicated to research your property.

Proimmobilier.Design  A technical design office specializing in building, to visualize your project in 3D, 2D plan, from the conception to its realization and the follow-up of construction sites. It will study the feasibility of your specifications, make corrections and advice and technical recommendations. It will consult and set up the various state bodies quotes and quotations.

Proimmobilier.Construction A team of qualified and trusted craftsmen, selected for their know-how and the quality of their achievements. Masons, electrician, plumber, staffer, tiler, tadelakteur, carpenter, painter …

Proimmobilier.Conseil A network of legal, notary, legal, financial, accounting, insurer, tax and technical, architect, topographer. A single contact for the follow-up of your administrative file to the land conservation for the title, to the cadastre for the updating of the plans, to the municipality, for the authorizations to construct, application for residence permit, conformity in relation With the competent authorities.


PROIMMOBILIER AGENCY is FNAIM Partner and  a member of  AMAI, and  ,the leading Moroccan professional organization representing real estate experts, is motivated by the evolution of the practice of its profession, ensures rigorous compliance with the professional ethics of the profession

One of the missions of WADA is to establish a high level of competence of each of its members; With the help of schools specialized in real estate, and a system of continuous professional training by organizing each year numerous training seminars. It ensures that each of its members is in a legal, patent, RC, agency, professional manager having no complaint registered against him.
While AMAI’s primary mission is to defend the profession vis-à-vis public authorities, its role is also to offer real estate professionals a range of services tailored to their activity to boost their business.