Vendre maison à Essaouira

Vendre maison à Essaouira

Our business sale for you is:

Discover the needs of our customers know our real estate market here in Morocco, especially in Essaouira. We will help you estimate the price of your property at the right, we will offer you some tips to help you develop it and we will accompany you throughout the negotiation until the sale at the notary. Come to see us at our agency Essaouira !

For Sale in Essaouira

Pascal Roques with the Minister of Town and Housing.

Member of World Property

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate of your property.

The commission of the agency is due to our intervention.

In the event of sale of a good or goodwill The commission is 2.5% ht for the buyer and 2.5% ht for the seller, ie 5% ht of the overall value of the transaction. The payment is due from the signature of the sales agreement and paid on or before the day of signature of the definitive act.