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Information Practice


Know that medicine is Francophone and that pathologies Are the same as in France You can get a flu shot, tetanus. Nothing is mandatory.

Enjoy visiting your GP to get your medical certificate to make your resident card to complete your address book of local doctors that can be recommended to you, ophthalmo, dentist, Analysis … If you come to settle in Morocco then you will have to voluntarily register with the CFE the caisse des Français de l’étranger is like social security but for French expatriates. It makes it possible to retain the benefit of social security. And they will recommend you a mutual adherent. You will be taken care of as before in Morocco as in France for your care. A dozen hospitals in Casablanca, Rabat, Agadir and Marrakech have signed an agreement with the Caisse des Francs de l’Etranger to issue a catch In charge for the members of the CFE.


Several low-cost airlines provide connections with France, traveling in Morocco does not pose any particular problem. The transport network is good all along the coast and often even allows to travel off the beaten track in good conditions of travel.Bus, taxi, car rental …


portable: you can use your own mobile phone at Morocco, but the score may be high. It is best to buy a local prepaid SIM card from an operator in mobile phone stores. Before paying, it is advisable to try the SIM card in your phone, previously unlocked, to check its compatibility.-Internet: modem 3g and 4g not very expensive.

Formalities of entry and stay

For a stay of less than 3 Month, French nationals do not need a visa. For a stay longer than 3 months,

it will be necessary to apply for a renewable resident card (6 months, 1 year ..). After three years of residence, it is possible to obtain a residence permit valid for 10 years. Moving and customsIntranting your goods to an international road haulier, it takes 1 to 2 weeks of delivery time and between 4000 € and 8000 € 30 to 50 m3 depending on the level of service requested and the distance from the departure city to the destination city. In most international removals, it is the carrier who carries out the customs formalities. Is simply to put you in order with the exchange control. Driving licenseYou are authorized to drive for one year with your French driver’s license. There is a reciprocal exchange agreement for driving licenses between France and Morocco.


From the move, not passing the installation of water and electricity, advice for obtaining the resident card    Provision of a local network, associative network, restaurants. Administratively, verification of the real estate project, title, AVNA, cadastral plan, residence permit, local network notary, lawyer, accountant, insurance .

On operational level, setting up a real estate tour with the local commercial agent, airport transfer, accommodation, visit of selected properties according to the client’s specifications and budget, and analysis at the end of the stay with Our partner Carole +212 622 262 861 Pascal +212 658 301 837