Real Estate Service for Foreigners

Real Estate Service for Foreigners

Real Estate in Essaouira

OUR MISSION, Counselor and Accompany foreigners or MREs
1 -Who wish to Buy, Build a property in Morocco
2- Who wants to Rent a flat Long term
3-Who Want to Sell
Why invest in real estate in Morocco for foreigners?

Diversifying its investments, attractive prices, high returns … all these reasons motivate investing abroad in real estate. For some years now, investing abroad has attracted more and more French people, and this is no longer limited to retirees who want to enjoy the sun.

Morocco has become in a short time one of the top destinations for tourists and retired people. More than 50,000 French people reside here today, growing by more than 4% a year.

Besides a very good quality of life, high quality human relationships, low cost of living, a gentle lifestyle and climate without a doubt, a service offering to the quality and accessible person, the practice of his Religious worship, Muslim, Jewish but also Christian with its mosques, synagogues and churches.

You can buy to rent, or rent yourself ( see rental advice )
Use a professional to advise you and establish the lease, inventory.

How PROIMMOBILIER can help me for holiday rentals ?

His fees will be for a long-term lease one month’s rent for the lessor and one month’s rent for the tenant
In case of default of the tenant: It is necessary to know that the law protects well the owner in Morocco against the nonpayment. The default of payment is sanctioned by an expulsion of the property.
You have to respect a legal procedure: first of all you have to apply to the judge for an order to pay within 15 days and in the second step you let the judge of urgency to obtain this time an order of expulsion. Finally the tenant will not leave you, you will be able to make a gage seizure, on his bank accounts, his furniture …. And then sue him.
Even if one is in an oral culture in Morocco you must make a written act obligatorily, make an inventory of the places of entry and exit.
And if your landlord is in default, you may as a tenant have recourse to a court to do the necessary work that falls to the lessor who does not do so and charge them on the rents with the court’s agreement.

The operation can be tricky, but it is without any risk if you are well accompanied by a recognized professional.

Pitfalls to avoid

This professional service requires time, a thorough knowledge of the field, a proven legal framework, with a listening, a discovery of the client to know the real motivation of the buyer and his financial means for a personalized accompaniment.
An agency is more productive under an exclusive mandate, it should be noted that exclusive mandates represent only 15% of mandates but they generate 40% of sales.

NOTARY EXPENSES approximate for purchase if you are in rural or urban area between 7% and 8% of the amount of the transaction declared with the notary.