Why Sign Exclusivity ? 15% of mandates = 40% of sales

Why Sign Exclusivity ? 15% of mandates = 40% of sales

The simple mandate: it is the convention that lets you think that you put the most luck on your side, with better visibility, but the effect is often contrary. You can, in fact, entrust your property to several real estate agencies while trying to sell it by yourself. This formula has the disadvantage of excessive visibility, because by presenting your house to all the real estate agencies and by your own means (placard, advertisements on the Internet, word of mouth, this may suggest that your property does not arrive Not to sell, overpriced, misplaced, hidden defects, which can put off potential buyers. It is the race to get a sign of a visit first, you do not control the price displayed nor the advanced arguments on your property, some display no agency fees, even see a price below the net negotiated seller, Others only display the seller’s commission not the buyer, others like us are agency fees included. But the sale of a good is a job, a discovery client, find a good, create a favorite is created in a climate of confidence, serenity and time. It’s not just a visit, it’s all an accompaniment, most often it’s a change of life, and most often for our customers a change of country. We accompany our clients on all peripheral aspects to the Sale, this famous climate of trust that will show that we will be throughout the transaction at their side but also after the signature of the definitive act, advice and assistance for the repatriation of their currencies, tax matters, our Network that will facilitate the integration of newcomers.

The exclusive mandate: “What is rare is expensive and precious” It makes it impossible for you or an intermediary to negotiate the sale without going through the real estate agency you have chosen. The fixed term is often of the order of six to twelve months, renewable. So all the features and benefits of your property will be mastered and not overused For this type of transaction, you should contact the real estate agency that you feel is the most competitive and trustworthy. Appreciating in the eyes of the various candidates to buy, it is the agency Immobilière that has the task to spotlight your property and to ensure a good promotion. The exclusive sales mandate allows you to present yourself an acquirer. If the sale is concluded through a buyer that you have found without going through the real estate agency you have mandated, 50% of the commission provided will be repaid to the principal you, through the agent we. In addition, a single agency will be your contact, the property can be sold by other partner agencies, then the agency will share its commission with its colleague because the trust mandate allows to distribute the offer of sale to all the agencies Partners what does not happen with a simple mandate, type AMEPI (association of exclusive mandates of real estate professionals)


My advice is to choose only one agency, the one you trust most, but also the one that will put in place for you the best means of promotions for the sale of your property. It is better to have only one agency mandated, that is a single interlocutor, who will take care of you. We undertake to make a rigorous analysis of potential buyers, in order to limit the inconvenience caused by the visits of curious people, and to report periodically on the results. The market is increasingly difficult to deal with buyers who are negotiating more and more, you are not prepared to face the criticisms, each objection is experienced most often as an aggression by the seller, our job is To treat them and to translate each characteristic as an advantage. The goods are more and more delicate to evaluate, often the seller overestimates the value of his property, only the professional knows the price at which the goods are sold to the notary, True estimate of the market is the price at which the good will be sold, with a bad estimate the good will not sell, most goods are overvalued to give way to bargaining, we defend the right price, Professional, and sign a mandate otherwise it will not be able to act in this direction. Whatever the mandate selected, the commission of the intermediary remains the same.  5% ht (2.5% ht for the buyer and 2.5% ht for the seller) We are more involved because we are without competition with other agencies, we are with all agencies and not against them. Once entered into a portfolio by a professional, the characteristics of the property in exclusivity are immediately disseminated on the intranet of the agencies of its network and the AMAI Moroccan Association of Real Estate Agencies, as well as on the first real estate professional portals, and Specialized sites. This common database makes it possible to display all the offers of the moment and to propose them to the potential buyers. Having an exclusive sales mandate does not exclude collaboration with all professionals in the sector.

This is a very wide promotion. In general, the real estate agent who benefits from an exclusive sales mandate will be more inclined to invest time and money to find a buyer, your brand of confidence, will make him more aware That exclusivity guarantees it to recover all the investment it will make for you, it will not do the minimum service. If the other agencies notice that the property has already been visited they will be happy to discredit it to refer the client to another property. According to a study of 6,077 people searching for information on the purchase or sale of real estate, 60% of respondents reported using both real estate agencies 13% of transactions are carried out through various channels (notaries , Family, friends …) and 19% by a relationship service from individual to individual, 68% are realized through a real estate agency. And if for the sellers, the agencies are 2.5 times more efficient, for the buyers the services of an agency are 3 times more. This recognition of the effectiveness of real estate agencies is reassuring: an intermediary service in real estate transactions is a specialty in its own right. Real estate agencies are structured. For the vast majority, they have qualified staff. The salaried real estate negotiators are increasingly graduated to meet the expectations of sellers and buyers.


The advantage for the agency is that we take the time to gather all the pieces of information on the property and the seller that will enable him to prepare the file he will send to the notary when the time comes. , Cadastral plan, residence permit, title, legalized power of attorney to sign a compromise of sale in case of absence of the owner …) It is assured that, if the mission of sale has been entrusted to him to a realistic price, it Will in any case touch its commission in return for its personal efforts and investments in time and publicity. Advertising is entirely at the agent’s expense. It is therefore in the best interests of the real estate agent to make every effort to sell quickly and well, which will enable him to recover his own investment necessary for the commercialization of the property. The relationship with the seller is likely to be of better quality because it is based on mutual trust. Even if the agency treats the matter in “exclusivity” with a colleague, the commissions are shared and known to all parties. A work in transparency avoids later conflicts, whether it be between confreres or between sellers and buyers.

The advantage for the seller, if the real estate agent works with an official and exclusive sales mission, will take the time to check the seriousness and solvency of the purchasing candidates. He will not sign anything to anyone, to block the case first, in the hope of touching the commission itself rather than one of his colleagues. The property will no longer be depreciated, degraded by advertisements of incoherent real estate agencies. There will be no difference in advertising between the agencies announcing the same property at different prices. In case of problems, it is the real estate agency which has received the exclusive sales mission and whose name appears on the agreement, With license number, authorization to operate, declared personnel … who is solely responsible in legal terms, whalers and other fictitious agents with only a website as a showcase, will be absent in case of litigation or any other accompaniment. By choosing a single agency, the seller makes the agent more responsible and takes away any excuse for not making every effort to sell as quickly as possible. The seller is not likely to be repeatedly reclaimed from the commission, and will be ordered to pay it, if the buyer is listed in several agencies, as is sometimes the case. Exclusivity does not prevent collaborations between agencies that trust each other. In this case, they share their fees according to criteria internal to the profession.

The advantage for the buyer, he should not go around all the agencies to see which sells the cheapest. He knows he is dealing with someone authorized, mandated. It is much more serious and reassuring. The information is more reliable and sometimes confidential. The transaction is transparent, because the agency runs no risk of seeing the case escape by giving the name of the owner, its motivations or other important information to the buyer. Real estate is becoming increasingly complex, administratively, fiscally or financially. The slightest fault, the slightest mistake and the sale may be blocked, indefinitely. Worse, you may be forced to cancel the transaction. To demolish all or part of the buildings, to redeem servitudes. It is better to speak to someone who knows the file thoroughly rather than a string of amateurs, perhaps eager but not necessarily very enlightened The absence of a mandate often leads to problems in which all legal, administrative and financial precautions are forgotten, to the detriment of the buyer and the seller and for the sole benefit of the commission. The lack of exclusivity can make the agency work without being sure of being paid and may incite to work as little as possible and or some resort to artifacts to block the sale. The basis of sound business is mutual trust and in real estate, the cement of healthy business is the signature of an exclusive mandate proposed by Proimmobilier Agency.