20-09-02-VM Wonderful house 210 m² with private terrace

20-09-02-VM Wonderful house 210 m² with private terrace

Essaouira, Pachalik d'Essaouira, Province Essaouira, Marrakech-Safi, 44100, Maroc



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Beautiful house furnished in a fusion of moroccan style, western comfort just outside the ancient Medina near to the Petite Bab Marrakech Gate at five minute.

On enterance of the house there is a  large open plan floor space which opens onto the airy , lighten atrium with its tropical foliage decorated by a  water fountain A large sliding door that opens to a spacious living room with its two very comfy leather sofas and large smart tv , including a dining area with its   large table, perfect for  culinary feasts, in the opposite there is opened fully equiped kitchen made in ethnic chic style with all the utensils needed large Fridge Freezer, Microwave, Counter top oven besides thers is a  a good sized cloak room (WC) with store.

On the stairs there is  two bedroom floors, the light on each bedroom floor absolutely pours in from the floor to ceiling sliding doors which slide completely open onto the open air atrium which spans the whole height of the house, at the enterance of each, there is a calming lounge area designed with  traditional ,comfy moroccan bunkets piled high with cushions.  There is also an Amazon Alexa on each floor for your listening enjoyment.

All bedrooms are both made with a mixe of tadelakt orginal tiles wooden ceilings which is making the space looks very calm relaxing,  furnished with a Queen size bed with a new comfy mattress, quality new pillows there is ample wardrobe space also on each side in addition to that each Bedroom floor shares a bathroom with shower .

on the roof top further one reaches the enchanting sun drenched private  not overlooked roof terrace with  four new sun loungers, dining table , six chairs, comfrtable covered seating area, full gas BBQ , a fully equipped kitchen with  fridge freezer, microwave, built-in oven with all the utensils needed.


Sold furnished.



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