14-01-264-VV Beautiful villa 330m² garden 10000m²

14-01-264-VV Beautiful villa 330m² garden 10000m²

Douar Laraab, Essaouira, Pachalik d'Essaouira, Province Essaouira, Marrakech-Safi, Maroc



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A beautiful Stone house at ten minutes from Essaouira

Beautiful House with four  suites +  four  bathrooms with shower  +a  living room +1 Fireplace

1 equipped kitchen +five  toilets

A Garden: trees planted: olive trees and argan trees

a Terrace  with  heated  solar swimming pool , barbecue and outside bar.

A garage,  1 well

View / Forest +Track 800 m

Its park, its stone walls attached to the mortar of lime and ceiling beams of juniper wood, cedar or cypress are ready to welcome you.

They took the gamble of a non-polluting energy choices, with the main sources sun and natural gas. The energy is available, clean and quiet.
It is accessible by a carriage track about nine hundred meters from the coastal road of Safi.

The trail where you can cross camel through a forest of cedars, junipers and pines before longer agricultural land. the house is bordered to the north by a forest, to the west by a dune estate, south and east by agricultural land set aside for barley.

You are greeted at this house in a Kouba combining traditional materials such as stones, bricks and wood.

The Kouba, symbol of the stellar vault, is an element of Spanish-Moorish architecture that is found frequently in the traditional Moroccan houses. Reception area, it provides access to a patio distributing the different rooms.

The hsoue is organized around a large patio area warm and protected. Swap meets and the peaceful atmosphere, it allows to move from one room to another. It includes everything that makes the charm of interior open spaces: tropical window box, equatorial window box, traditional fountain. It appreciates to have breakfast or meals.

The main stay of this house, suite sixty seven square meters, is open to both the patio, overlooking the park and pool area.

Its exceptional brightness highlights the aesthetics,  of traditional finishes: floors bejmate and dess (lime smoothed), coating walls lime mortar briquettes or traditional cedar ceilings , large fireplace corner briquette. It is a place of life and thought of friendliness in a broad volume with high ceilings. The decor, both traditional and contemporary, contributes to the harmony of this living space while playing with the contrasts of forms and colors.

The house offers three suites and one room, all equipped with a fireplace and a private bathroom. Each of which adopts its own style. Sand tones, deep purple or blue for the suites. African decor for the regular bedroom.

The  suite, privileged cocoon open the pool, plays on the contrasts of sand walls, ceilings and juniper furnishings contemporary brushed steel.
Bath mixes tones and saffron flame for a soothing atmosphere. The traditional bath shower tadellak has a hydrojet to offer relaxing massages. His private room has a television with access to digital satellite channels. Both rooms have a fireplace in the corner over tadellak.
 The two twin suites, one blue one purple, are accessible through the patio.
Downstairs, the living room fireplace and bathroom with double basin in zellige, above, mezzanine sleeping area provides access to a private terrace sheltered from the winds of spring.
A bench-bed provides additional sleeping for a child.
The African bedroom takes you farther south, beyond the Sahara. Yellow and chocolate marry, cedar and juniper coordinate, straw and lime mix, and tadellak terracotta merge into a warm feeling of Africa. The scene continues in the bathroom, where both traditional African colors, yellow, black, blend in a space of escape of a rare harmony.
Finally, not to leave too soon the magic African cuisine takes us in Mali, Dogon country, and merges with impressions made by the Berber Zouak. The colors blend, summaries of our immense love for this region, western crossroads of a continent, our marches Mediterranean confines Saharan travel to the gates of Europe.
In separate buidling two workshop can be transforme in aditional bedrooms.
Two technical rooms
A laundry with staff bathroom

One  lodge keeper at the entrance of property





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